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Company that always puts others first, benefits customer, prepares for the future.

LAUTEC is company with spirit of “Put others first than me” and each of us makes LAUTEC products with thoughts that say “Any product I make is for my use”. LAUTEC has been trying its best to improve product quality and develop excellent products using its technological know-how and experiences which have been built up in the field of sub-equipment for belt conveyor and factory automation system.


As a result, we have obtained number of patents and utility models and our products backed up by the patents and utility models are used in many companies as useful products and response of customers on the products is very encouraging.


However, we are not satisfied with what we have accomplished so far but we continue our utmost to be a company which contributes to the development of our country and society with willingness for continuous research and investment based on our company philosophy which is LAUTEC’s motto;

- Company that always puts others first. - Company that benefits customer. - Company that prepares for the future.

We, LAUTEC, will keep our best to be a company which prepares for the future and studies more, tries more to provide products that are competitive and proud ones in any market in the world and to be a company which impresses customer with products of the best quality and perfect service.

We will appreciate for your everlasting cooperation and interest in LAUTEC. Thank you. 

Seok Ho Seo, CEO


LAUTEC Business Area


Hyundai Steel Works, POSCO (Gwangyang Steel Works, Pohang Steel Works), etc.


Korea Midland Power, Korea Western Power, Korea South-East Power, Korea Southern Power, Korea East-West Power, etc.


Samsung Heavy Industries, Hanjin Shipbuilding and Constructions, Doosan Enerbility, etc.


Halla Encom, Ssangyong C&E, etc.


Asia Cement, Korea Cement, Hanil Cement, Ssangyong C&E, etc.



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