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LAUTEC Products

All LAUTEC products are manufactured at our own production facility.

Conveyor Idlers

Self-aligning Device


Lautec's Self-aligning Device is a NEP (New Product Certification) product that prevents the conveyor belt from meandering and prevents rolling.

The Self-aligning Device is installed on the upper side of the return roller of the conveyor belt, so the self-aligning device drive shaft, which moves left and right, does not have sticking problems due to ore.

Rolling of the belt is prevented by a pressure roller that pressurizes the upper surface of the lower part of the conveyor belt.

Since the return roller bracket and guide roller bracket are integrated, maintenance is easy and installation and replacement are easy.

It prevents rapid wear of the return roller and enables stable transportation of cargo.


I-type Conveyor Belt Guide Idler


Lautec's I-type Conveyor Belt Guide Idler can be installed in a wide range of applications without being significantly affected by the width of the conveyor belt, and maintains a constant pressure with a tensioner made of natural elastic rubber.

The I-type Conveyor Belt Guide Idler uses high-performance bearings and can be used for a long time even under extreme conditions.

Excellent for conveyor belts running in both directions.


Carrier Self-aligning Idler

캐리어 자동조심장치1 G.png

The Carrier Self-Aligning Idler uses tapered rubber rollers on both sides, and the center of the self-aligning device moves left and right to prevent the conveyor belt from meandering.

The Carrier Self-Aligning Idler has the effect of being convenient in configuration and easy to use.

Push-type Belt Positioner


Lautec's Push-type Belt Positioner are installed on both sides of the return belt to prevent the belt from meandering.

The Push-type Belt Positioner is designed so that pressure can be easily adjusted with a pressure handle.

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