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LAUTEC Products

All LAUTEC products are manufactured at our own production facility.

Belt Cleaning Sludge Removal System


Push Roller

UP-type Cleaner

Brush Cleaner

Brush Motor

Cleaning Tensioners

Cleaning Roller

Polyurethane Chain Scraper

Scraper Chain

Deceleration Motor

Lautec's patented Belt Cleaning Sludge Removal System is a system equipped with various products such as UP-type cleaners and brush cleaners, and is installed at the rear of the primary and secondary belt cleaning parts to remove large solids from the return belt and return belt. This is a device that works.

The three rollers installed in the Belt Cleaning Sludge Removal System and the three UP-type cleaners used together with Lautec's patented pressurizing device provide excellent results in completely removing solids that were not removed in the first and second steps.

Lautec's patented brush cleaner, installed at the end of cleaning of the Belt Cleaning Sludge Removal System, excellently removes the last residue remaining after all solids have been removed by previous cleaners, rotating in the opposite direction of the belt movement.

The chain scraper device installed at the bottom of the belt cleaning section uses a steel frame urethane blade to provide a more robust and durable cleaning system.

The chain installed in the Belt Cleaning Sludge Removal System is larger and thicker than the scraper chains of other products, providing excellent durability even in rough environments.

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