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LAUTEC Products

All LAUTEC products are manufactured at our own production facility.

Secondary  Tensioners

Secondary Spring Tensioners


Lautec's Secondary spring Tensioner applies the suspension principle so that the middle part of the pressurizing device moves left and right, allowing the cleaner to adhere to the belt as the belt moves, providing effective cleaning.

The pressurized release prevention cover is effective in providing constant pressure even during conveyor belt operation and simplifies cleaner maintenance.

Secondary Rubber Tensioners


Lautech's patented Secondary Rubber Tensioner can easily control pressurization and release with a pressurizing handle, and provides constant tension between the belt cleaner and conveyor belt through the rotational pressure of the rubber tensioner within the pressurizing device.

It provides long lifespan and convenient maintenance of the rubber pressurizing device.

It has excellent shock absorption ability from the unevenness of the belt.

Secondary Bolt Rubber Tensioners


The Lautec's Secondary Bolt Rubber Tensioner adjusts the tension of the cleaner by controlling the pressing and loosening of the bolt and provides constant tension between the belt cleaner and the conveyor belt with the rotational pressure of natural elastic rubber.

The small-sized pressurization device allows for easy maintenance and replacement and repair even in a small space.

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